VA Hospital, Fayetteville, NC

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Hospital
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RonKizer on Mar 20, 2014

This VA is the worse in the entire system of the Veterans Administration. They have misdiagnosed my wife multiple time, nearly killed her in 2009, when a Dr. Solomon ordered an injection that caused a stroke, and recently on March 4, 2014, a civilian doctor diagnosed my wife with Ascites, free standing fluids in the stomach which is a sign of cancer. Went to see her Primary Care at this VA hospital, Dr. Rama and she told my wife, “I don’t have time to cover all your health issues, see you in 6-9 months.” Here is a veteran, that is 100% disable, service connected disability and this Dr. Rama tells my wife she don’t have time. My wife has been put in a bed covered with another veterans blood, they allowed a male employee to enter her bath through a unauthorized door while taking a shower, she has been misdiagnosed multiple times. I have written dozens of letters to Washington DC, concerning the remarks made by this Dr. Rama on March 7, 2014. She should be investigated by the IG in Washington and not allowed to treat veterans. The Director is known to lie and cover up for her employee for many years.

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  1. Ron Kizer says:

    Billy start by emailing the director at with your complaint and then hit Senator Hagan office at


  2. billy lacy says:

    I agree and something should be done about those make shift doctors I am a vet and I m going through the same thing. The treatment is horrible and they act as if you are not important and they are there to get a check.


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